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Body Piercing Healing and Aftercare Information

The professional body piercers of the Tribalectic Body Piercing Community compiled these body piercing aftercare suggestions. Our proTribe piercers are the most innovative, educated and experienced professional body piercers and aftercare experts in the body piercing industry, and they have amassed these general guidelines to help you heal your new body piercing. Please keep in mind that these suggestions are only recommendations, and there are countless philosophies of piercing aftercare that may all prove successful in their own right. Also, be sure to consider that everyone’s body is different, and many factors can contribute to the healing process of a body piercing, including but not limited to the placement of the piercing, the process of the procedure, environmental and outside factors, and the health of your skin and body. Please remember that these guidelines are merely suggestions, and they should not be construed as infallible or magical. If you have any problems or signs of the onset of an infection or delayed or unsuccessful healing, be sure to consult your professional piercer or personal physician. 

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water before touching or cleaning your piercing.
  2. Soak your piercing with a sterile, isotonic saline solution, such as contact lens saline or wound care saline. Heat a small amount of saline and use it as a soak or on a clean paper towel as a compress. Mixing a solution of non-iodized sea salt and water in the proper proportions can also serve as a substitute to pre-formulated saline solutions.
  3. Delicately wipe away softened crusty material with a clean, saline soaked paper towel.
  4. Check barbell balls for tightness. Remember, righty-tighty, lefty-loosy. Be sure to wash your hands first.
  5. Contact your professional piercer or your doctor if you have any questions, problems or concerns.

DO NOT touch your piercing with dirty hands, or allow others to touch your piercing.
DO NOT use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, ointments, antibacterial soaps or other harsh cleansers often recommended for wound care.
DO NOT swim or bathe in public or bacteria infested bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, oceans, hot tubs or swimming pools until your piercing is completely healed.
DO NOT let anyone make oral contact with your piercing until it is fully healed.
DO NOT rotate or otherwise force your jewelry to move during the healing period.
BE SURE TO drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet to speed healing.
BE SURE TO contact your piercing and/or medical professional at the first sign of infection such as sudden or excessive redness, swelling, rash, fever or discolored discharge.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Sterile Saline Sprays can also be used as a cooling rinse as needed for comfort. Warm compresses, wet or dry, can bring more blood to the area and speed healing. Be CLEAN and GENTLE