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Body Piercing Stretching Pictorial

This pictorial shows the various stages of stretching a body piercing.

Information on how to properly stretch your pierced parts

Special thanks to John Lopez for his immense help in compiling this information!

Step 1

First insert the taper using lubricant. (if hair is in the way, either clean it using Technicare or pin it out of the way).

Step 2

Make sure the taper is pushed all the way through without tearing...untill there is about 1/4" of taper left.

Step 3

Place the same size jewelry against the back of the taper, making sure that the jewelry is pressed firmly against the taper. Be careful to make sure the jewelry doesn't slip off while it's being inserted.

Step 4

The finger closest to the ear should support the tissue the entire time the jewelry and taper are being inserted.

Step 5

Notice that the o-ring on the back was already in place before the stretching began. Now place the second o-ring onto the thick end of the taper. Butt the taper up against the jewelry and push the o-ring onto the jewelry.

Step 6

Here is a "pin coupled" insertion taper that will fit against an internally threaded bar.

Step 7

Internally threaded barbell.

Step 8

Never try to use jewelry that is larger than the taper. This results in tearing or ripping.

Step 9

Good example of jewelry and taper match.

Step 10

Double flared eyelets must fit exactly at the flared end.

Step 11

Internal jewelry will fit onto a pin taper without slipping off. Especially when using jewelry thinner that 4g.